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Ten Talents Partners Launches!

Bob Lipps and Robert Yi are excited to announce the launch of Ten Talents Partners (, a private equity and strategy consulting firm! Our mission is to steward the growth of companies where core values thrive and leaders are equipped.

Ten Talents Partners acquires profitable companies with revenue between $10 and $100 million. We work directly with business owners seeking an exit, executives looking to buyout a business, or estates selling a company. We are open to a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, financial services, business services, consumer goods, healthcare, technology, energy, etc.

Thousands of family businesses have workplace cultures that live out core values positively impacting the lives of employees and customers. As these families face the reality of needing to sell their businesses, our goal is to continue their legacy of values while soundly and innovatively growing the company.

In addition to building a values-based culture, we have a strong competence in developing and executing sustainable growth strategies. For mid-sized business owners who are struggling to effectively grow their company, Ten Talents Partners can consult with the leadership and provide needed clarity and insight.

More information about Ten Talents Partners can be found on our website. Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to connect with us.

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