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Ministry and Non-Profit Consulting


Ten Talents Partners is passionate about helping non-profit organizations achieve sustainable, long-term mission fulfillment.


Scope of Services

  • Strategic Planning. Work with your team to develop a clear strategic plan by reviewing the organization's core competencies and key resources, analyzing the external environment, and evaluating various opportunities for sustainable long-term mission fulfillment.

  • Governance.  Assess and strengthen governance policies and processes to ensure clarity of roles, strategy, and accountability.

  • Organizational Health.  Assess key personnel, organizational structure, processes, and culture to determine fit with strategy.

  • Strategy Execution.  Create processes to monitor quantitative and qualitative progress on strategic initiatives. Guide execution of the strategic plan indirectly (coaching) or directly (interim executive).

  • Insurance and Risk Management.  Develop an enterprise risk management program to identify, assess, and control risks to the organization. Determine appropriate insurance coverages through traditional and alternative programs.

Examples of Consulting Assignments

  • Comprehensive Organizational Assessment. Evaluation of current strategy, operations, and organizational health, with recommendations for improving performance.

  • Mission/Vision Development.  Facilitate the review and creation of the organization’s mission and vision.

  • Strategic Plan Development.  Facilitate the development of a strategic plan with the executive team and board members.

  • Governance Assessment.  Review board and executive management functions, including board roles & responsibilities, board effectiveness, executive effectiveness, and board policies.

  • Organizational Design.  Develop organizational structure, business processes, and a talent engagement system to reinforce culture and successfully execute strategy.

  • Interim CXO/Executive.  As an interim member of the executive team, lead key strategic initiatives or rehabilitate underperforming divisions. Interim roles include CEO, COO, CFO, and General Counsel.

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